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Save $15 on our 2 Gallon Kaleidoscope Family Pack - now only $14.99!
Clearance Corner!  Fantastic deals on fun gifts...for every occasion!
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The Popcorn Factory
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The Jumbo Kaleidoscope Sampler says a lot and holds a collection of out of this world flavors. We start with three kinds of popcorn then add popcorn balls, mini pretzels and pretzels dipped in chocolate and dusted with toffee bits, our famous chocolate chip cookies with pieces of pecans and honey roasted nuts. Four fabulous candies are included too. There are Myrtles, fruit flashers, super sour stars and richly flavorful Jelly Belly beans. We wrap it all up with a big blue bow and attach the gift card.
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Best Sellers from the Popcorn!
Fun Gifts For Every Occasion!  For delicious samplers  and gift packs, click here!
Presents Quintet
Five tiers of treats, one delicious gift!
Jumbo Star Sampler
A real firecracker of a gift!
Just Say It Samplers-Plain
Theres just something about our samplers! Each one is a surprise package. This particular one is very special because you can add a greeting tag. Whatever the reason, you can choose samplers for every occasion throughout the year. These feature our specialties, including almond pecan corn, chocolate chip cookies with pecan pieces, honey roasted peanuts and candies. Choose your greeting or order without a tag. Share some of our best with a friend or associate today!
Personal Birthday Tins-Deluxe Snacks
Our Happy Birthday tins are as festive as can be, plus you can have them personalized in the big star on top! The deluxe snacks are a party in a tin. Munchies include crunchy tortilla chips and sassy tomato salsa, White and Yellow Cheddar popcorn, yummy Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn, along with chocolate chip cookies with pecan pieces, honey roasted peanuts, pretzels and fruit candies. There are chewy sour stars and a package of five, milk chocolate candles.
Frog Fun Pail
Wish somone special a "Hoppy" Day!
Blue Star Sampler
An ample sampling of our best snacks!
Ladybug Sampler
Our popular 8 square sampler box is mighty big with the great tastes youve come to expect from us! There are bags of tangy White and traditional, aged Cheddar popcorn, our famous Almond Pecan Corn, plus, crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets and a box of chocolate chip cookies with pecan pieces and a tin of honey roasted peanuts. For sweets, there are foil wrapped milk chocolate ladybugs and refreshing, chewy spearmint leaf candies! An awful lot of fun and great tastes for a little price.
Presents Party Pack-2 Gallon Party Pack
There are a bunch of presents in our two gallon Presents Party pack. Generous bags of traditional, aged Cheddar, zesty White Cheddar and sweet, milk Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn top the list! A tin of honey roasted peanuts is nestled among chocolate chip cookies with pecan pieces, a bag of fruit flavored hard candies, fruit sour balls and rainbow foil wrapped, solid milk chocolate stars. Weve dressed up two big Bavarian pretzels with white chocolate and candy sprinkles. A new gift tradition.
Bug Bite Box
Have you been itching to send something different for campers or birthday celebrants Our Bug Bite Box is the answer! Its perfect for any fun celebration or a get well (you know, hope you get rid of your bug). Its filled with yummy gummi bears, fruit sour balls, sweet, crunchy Caramel Corn, plus traditional Cheddar and White Cheddar popcorn, crisp mini pretzels, chocolate chip cookies with pecan pieces and foil wrapped milk chocolate peanut butter bug bites. Go ahead order a sampler or two today,
Big Grin Tower-6 Tier Big Grin Tower
Our 6 tier tower of grins celebrates the power of the smile. Reward someone with this bevy of boxes. Each bright box has a treat better than the next! Theres a four piece box of our famous caramel chocolate pecan Myrtles, plus a boxed trio of popcorns, including chocolate drizzled caramel and white and yellow cheddar. The sweetness continues with our honey roasted peanuts, a big sampler box of Jelly Belly beans, a box of eight smiley face butter cookies and fruit flavored hard candies.
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Snacks to School
Valentine's Day
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